YOYO Sport

About Us

YOYO Sport is a collaboration between the five South Yorkshire professional football clubs and the Premier League, funded by the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit. The five community sports trusts are working together in collaboration for the first time to provide this new initiative. Participants to the YOYO Sport sessions can expect to be involved in lots of fun, tournaments, player visits and the opportunity to win free tickets to go along and watch their local teams play in a league fixture.

What does YOYO stand for?

YOYO stands for You're Only Young Once and is in its second phase after a successful schools initiative produced over 200 podcasts and videos. The media content is available for the YOYO Sport participants to watch and listen to in the workshops and here on the website.

Where is YOYO Sport?

YOYO Sport is available across South Yorkshire with sessions running in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. The events calendar details all available sessions.

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What does YOYO Sport do?

YOYO Sport is a primary prevention tactic that will offer a youth provision and diversionary activity in the first instance, but complements this with the addition of workshops aimed at keeping young people safe and encouraging them to make positive choices.

key message

YOYO Sport is a way of engaging with young people through sport and delivering these key messages in the workshops and through the engagement work of the coaches.

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